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Many people wonder if Tantra can be practiced alone. This is actually the place to begin. Practicing with another person is really nice. It is so nice that it can get distracting. Getting in touch with one’s own energy and understanding how to move it is a must before couples practice. Being able to quieten the mind and focus is also needed. For the sexual Tantra, a person usually must be able to maintain control or relaxation alone in order to be able to reach multi-orgasmic states with a lover.

Flexibility is another thing to think about before trying with a partner. You must be even more flexible in order to practice with a partner. Both partners should be able to sit cross-legged easily. Since many exercises involve the woman sitting on the man’s lap, the man needs to be flexible in the hips. Both partners should be able to sit with a straight spine; otherwise, the other person will be supporting their weight in back-to-back partner meditations. You want a partner that understands how to move their energy. If they are moving their energy in the opposite direction then the exercise will loose all fun. It might even be exhausting. Even if your partner is not able to do any of these things, you can learn modifications for certain practices for beginners.

Solo practice allows us to be more appealing to others because of how it changes our appearance. We look calmer, happier, and have a glow or magnetism about us. For singles, this can help draw in the right partner. For those in a relationship, it can increase the attraction our partner has to us.