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Spinal flexes:

This is a moving meditation and Tantra yoga exercise. It unites breath with body movement. It is great for stretching the back muscles and refreshing the spinal cord. I especially like it for after working all day. It also helps energize someone in the morning. The spinal flex exercise is a key practice in tantra yoga and kundalini yoga. They can be done alone or with other Tantra yoga poses. It can also be used as a warm up before yoga.

When done fully and with focus, it can make you more magnetic, carefree, open, confident, joyful, create vitality, and attract more love. The spine is very important since it is a network that connects to every organ and body part. If the spine is unhealthy or out of whack then something in our body will be. This is one of my favorite practices. I notice big changes in my energy and my emotions after I do it. There are endless benefits and yoga sets it can be added to.


Today start with one minute. If you feel like you want to go longer of you’ve done this before GO for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. Remember use this as a quiet meditation with no thinking. Listen to your breath if thoughts try to come in. The movement is arching your spine while staying crossed legged. This is kind of like the arching of a cat stretch and a dipping of a cow stretch while you are seated. You are moving forwards and backwards arching your spine. When you feel completed sit still while meditating for several minutes noticing your body especially your spine.


To begin:

sit cross legged on the floor with no pillow underneath you. Sit tall. Taking long breaths. Eyes are closed. lightly grab your shins.

Inhale bring your chest forward. Tailbone goes back. Exhale Chest curves in. tailbone reaches forward. Inhale forward. Exhale back. Keep going. Head stays mostly level not arching far in. Inhale….exhale… go at your own pace. Start off slow and later you may feel like picking up the pace to a quick inhale-exhale inhale-exhale. Slow is more calming. Fast is more energizing. Continue for your time desired. When complete- sit still for a few moments.